Our Services


Many services provided by the firm are done on a fixed fee basis. The firm will quote the fee before beginning the work. Fixed fees are helpful to our clients as they can plan with certainty. Also, the fixed fee makes it easier to ask questions so that the clients fully understand their documents. In some cases like probate, we cannot set a fee as we cannot always anticipate the amount of work involved.

For many years, the firm has had a relationship with the New Hampshire Professional Firefighters Association. Attorney Williams attends many annual and station meetings to discuss estate planning. All services for firefighters are discounted fifty (50%) percent.

In addition to discounted services for firefighters, Attorney Williams offers discounts to teachers, police officers and veterans as well as active duty military. 

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Services provided by KSW LAW

Special Needs Trusts
Powers of Attorney
Health Care Proxies
HIPAA waivers
FERPA waivers

Estate administration
Guardianships over incapacitated persons
Guardianships over minors

Preparation of Deeds
Review and preparation of purchase agreements
Land Use matters

Contract creation and review for individuals and businesses
LLC formation

Covid-19 Policy 

At KSW Law, we are dedicated to keeping all of our clients safe while continuing to provide top-notch legal services. In light of the 2020 Corona Virus pandemic, we have had to update our procedures for both document signings and legal consultations. Signings will now be held outside.


Upon your arrival, we will set out your documents on the white picnic table in front of our building and wait for you to sit down. All documents are handled using gloves and placed on individual clipboards for you. Attorney Williams will then walk you through the signing procedure from the porch overlooking the table. We know this is not ideal, but for the safety of both our staff and our clients, many of whom are in high-risk demographics, we must take these precautions.  


All consultations are now taking place over the phone or by zoom, the specifics of which will vary by client depending on the legals services required. Feel free to get in touch with us by phone or by email for further details.


We are working on solutions that will bring our clients back into the building as fast as we can. Stay tuned here for more updates.