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The Historic Granary Building

The building that is today known as the “Granary Business Center” is over 100 years old.  For many years,  it operated as the “Merrimack Farmers Exchange”, and served as a trading center for area farmers.  During this time, the building was colloquially known as the “Granary”, as local farmers relied on its grain supplies which were replenished by the many trains that once steamed through Epping. The town’s oldest residents still drop-in from time to time to reminisce about their memories of the building and its place in Epping’s history.

The building was converted to offices in the 1980s and has been owned by Attorney Williams and her family since 1990, and the building recently underwent an extensive renovation.  Notwithstanding these updates, several of the building’s original features have been preserved, including a vintage “Merrimack Farmers Exchange” sign which decorates the offices of KSW Law.

 For more about Epping’s rich history, we recommend you explore the Epping entry of the Images of America series by life-long Epping resident Corey D. Blanchard which is available for purchase on Amazon.

Our history

KSW Law is a general law practice, emphasizing estate planning and elder law, yet capable of assisting clients with a wide variety of other personal and business needs, including real estate and land use issues and contract drafting and review.

A longtime Epping resident, Attorney Kathryn Swain Williams founded KSW Law in 1986, shortly after joining the New Hampshire Bar.  Since that time, Attorney Williams has represented over 15,000 clients across New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

Attorney Williams’ oldest son, James Williams Hardy, joined the practice in the fall of 2019.  His connection to the practice is life long, however, having spent countless adolescent hours occupying himself within its walls while his mother worked.  Now a father himself, Attorney Hardy often brings his own son to the office, following in his mother’s footsteps in more ways than one.

The practice prides itself on valuing family and extends that commitment to its clients.  Attorney Williams routinely represents multiple generations of her clients’ families, often forming close bonds as she helps shoulder their burdens and guide them through whatever difficulties they encounter.

It’s our philosophy that everyone — no matter their status — should prepare an estate plan.  Accordingly, it’s vital that these services be affordable to all walks of life.  KSW Law’s philosophies and our humble location allows the practice to offer reasonable prices, without sacrificing the quality of our services.